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Selling a house


Here is the multi-step process to sell your home.


Start here at our office by calling or stopping by to invite us in.

2. Initial Visit

Your Cashman & Co. Associate gets acquainted with you and your home in preparation for presentation of Services.

3. Recommendations

Your Cashman & Co. Associate may suggest simple ways to make your home more marketable and attract a better price.

4. Custom Market Plan and Price Evaluation

Your Cashman & Co. Associate Presents a custom marketing plan, along with marketing pieces that will showcase your home to buyers. A price trend analysis will help you set a price.

5. Listing Agreement

Listing Agreement is executed. You supply house keys as well as any documents you may have such as plot plan, deed, etc.

6. Home Protection Plan

The advantages of the optional Home Protection Plan as a buyer incentive will be explained to you.

7. “For Sale” Sign

Cashman & Co. Realty’s highly visible “For Sale” sign is placed on your property to attract callers.

8. Lock Box

In some cases, it is highly recommended that a lock box be installed on the door with your permission to allow access by licensed real estate professionals.

9. Multiple Listing Service

Your property is placed on Multiple Listing Service as appropriate to expose it to other brokers and their customers/clients.

10. Neighborhood Calling/Canvassing

Neighborhood canvassing by your Cashman & Co. Associate lets your neighbors-often a source for buyers- know your home is for sale.

11. Financing Sheet

A financing handout prepared for your home shows buyers how affordably your home fits into their monthly budget.

12. Mortgage Credit Approvals

Your Cashman & Co. Associate can assist buyers in obtaining a mortgage pre-approval sometimes within minutes so that you can have confidence in a buyer’s ability to complete a purchase.

13. Broker Open House

A broker Open House show-cases your home to other area real estate brokers.

14. Open House

Your Cashman & Co. Associate prepares for your Public Open House by following a multi-step guide on preparation and follow-up.

15. Inter-office Referrals

Our Cashman & Co. office receives referrals of potential buyers for your home through Cashman & Co’s powerful network of qualified agents and offices located all over the country.

16. In-house Promotion

Your home’s listing is reviewed at Cashman & Co. office meetings to promote more showings

17. Follow-up Feedback

Your Cashman & Co. Associate regularly reports on progress and gives you feedback from prospective buyers and brokers who have seen your home.

18. If you are also Buying

If you plan to purchase another home, your Cashman & Co. Associate can explain how we and other professionals  can ease your way to closing with financing, insurance and a host of other services.

19. Relocation Assistance

If you are relocating, your Cashman & Co. Associate will put you in contact with a real estate profession from our vast referral network Office in that area to assist you with all your needs.

20. Offer Made

Your Cashman & Co. Associate advises you of all offers and helps you negotiate any counter offers you may make.

21. Agreement

Working though you Cashman & Co. Associate, you and the buyers agree on price and terms, including a closing/settlement date.

22. Contract of Sale

Initial deposit is placed in an escrow account.

23. Notification

Your Cashman & Co. Associate notifies MLS that your home has an accepted offer.

24. Inspections and Follow-up

Your Cashman & Co. Associate keeps you advised on progress of pre-closing pest and structural inspections and follows up on details as necessary to bring your sale to final closing.

25. Mortgage Commitment

Your Cashman & Co. Associate advises you upon confirmation. Closing/Settlement date and location are confirmed.

26. Closing/Settlement

Adjustments made for miscellaneous items (taxes, heating oil, etc.) You are paid and give the buyer Title (or deed) and keys.